Your Neighbor Across the Street or Your Family Across the Nation!


How it Works...

1) Get Started: Bountiful Beans creates a custom webpage for your fundraiser. Your webpage contains information about your fundraiser and includes the option to purchase our gourmet beans and other delicious products. See Sample Site

2) Get Connected: Once your custom fundraising page is completed and sent to your organizer, your organizer can then send your page to all in your organization. Send out to friends, family, or business contacts. The more you send the more money you raise!

3) Get Running: Orders placed during a designated time frame are then shipped either directly to your organization for distribution or directly to purchaser if requested. (Your fundraiser receives 50% of sale price of total items sold.)

Product Sorting

Bountiful Beans provides personalized product sorting for you. Each order you receive comes presorted with each participants products in separate bags for easy delivery. We do the work so you don't have to!


Why an Online Fundraiser?

Last year, over 119 million consumers spent 150 billion dollars shopping online in the US alone Typical door-to-door sales are a thing of the past. You still have the ability to reach your friends and neighbors with our company. Have your fundraiser see no limitations. Easily raise funds in your own neighborhood or across the nation. Ever want to sell something to Grandma in Virginia and can't because of her distance? Problem solved with online shopping, delivered right to her door and money earned for your cause.

Free Web Page Included! 

When you sign up for a fundraiser with Bountiful Beans, you are provided with a state of the art web page with your organization information, a picture and description of your reason for the fundraiser. All of this provided to you along with a quality product that you can be proud to offer absolutely free. The cost of setting up such a site would be cost prohibitive as well as time consuming to your organization; valuable time and money is better spent on your fundraising cause

Why a Traditional Fundraiser with Free Shipping?

We offer a traditional type fundraiser that can be used separate or along with an online fundraiser. We will send you the forms and you'll keep 40% of your sales. This works well with large groups that like options. And your products are delivered FREE. Click here for more details.